LGBT friendly

mdj-gayweddingsMuch the same and very unique

Every wedding is specific and unique in its own way. The music you choose, the ceremony you dreamed of — it’s all part of what a couple has imagined since they first began talking about a wedding. Ok, the vows may be a little different.  You might have two Father/Daughter dances or a Mother/Daughter or Father/Son dance, or some other special highlight.  It’s our job to help you plan those moments, to realize your vision for the perfect music for each portion of the event, and to execute it to perfection.

Some couples might be concerned that the family members or wedding party use the correct pronoun when mentioning them in a toast. Those factors are common, but it’s our responsibility to make sure that those issues are dealt with before the wedding day arrives, and that we understand your wishes and execute them.

We are here to make your moment with your best friend, your partner and your fiancé the most special day that it can be.  Long before same sex marriage was “Legal” in any state, we have been called upon to provide music and entertainment for the celebration of same-sex unions.  We see a night of love, family, food, drinks, and of course, dancing!! We wish all the best to every happy couple pledging endless love to their soul mates.