What to Expect

mdj-what-to-expectYour family and friends. Let the music set the tone, and fulfill your dream. Here are some traditional events we coordinate, however, it’s all about YOU.


A wedding ceremony is one of life’s most joyous occasions and many guests are honored to have shared in this special moment. We will help you to select the perfect music and provide all of the equipment necessary so you can focus on what’s important… one another.


wedding reception dj philadelphiaMusic plays a very important part of your reception and we are here to help you to create the musical mood that you envision. Using our 20 years of wedding experience we can guide/suggest music to make your reception fun and enjoyable for you and your guests. We will help you and give you suggestions for all phases of your event.

Dinner Music – Played at a comfortable level so people can talk at their table.

Grand Entrance Music – The proper music adds more emotion to the grand entrance than just calling their names out.

Bridal Dances – Another great opportunity to add personal voice-overs

Lighting sets the mood – included with every wedding


  • Cake Cutting – always fun
  • Bouquet Toss & removal of the Garter- We always use good judgment

What are the most popular songs for Bridal Dances?

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