Karaoke League Rules


  1. Every league member (performer) must be 21 years of age or older and must have read and agreed to the Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League rules and waiver of liability. All Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League members must abide by all laws regarding alcohol consumption. Further, all rules of the host establishment shall be strictly enforced. Rowdy, disrespectful, violent or otherwise problematic league members may be subject to disciplinary actions. including, but not limited to disqualification, suspension or expulsion from league activities.
  2. Costumes are allowed but not mandatory
  3. Any team that arrives late for the start of match play may be fined points from their total score for the match.
  4. You play at your own risk. Also do not put yourself or OTHERS at risk with your actions or your props.
  5. Any Marlin Disk Jockeys Karaoke League team member gives Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League the right to use their image, likeness or recording to promote Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League.


  1. Each division shall be composed of six (6) teams of no less than four (4) or no more than six (6) performers, unless otherwise permitted by Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League.
  2. One (1) member of each team must act as “team captain.”


  1. The regular season lasts for eight (8) weeks long and is followed by two (2) additional weeks for the semi-final round and finals.
    Each Match of Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League consists of various rounds dependent upon the number of teams in that division; these will include some or all of the following: solo, group, theme rounds and rounds of bravery.
  2. Each performer must sing at least one solo during the regular season. Group performances are not counted towards this total. Exceptions may be made if they are communicated to a Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League representative in advance (i.e., if a performer drops out, is unresponsive, etc.).
  3. In the event that two teams choose to sing the same song on the same night, whoever submitted the song first will sing that particular song.
  4. No song may be performed twice in any one season (per division). A list of songs that have already been performed shall be shared on the Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League website.
  5. In the case of technical difficulty, the team experiencing the problem will be shifted to the end of the round order and may select a new song.
  6. Under no circumstances will heckling be permitted. If a complaint is received about any league member showing unsportsmanlike conduct, they will receive one (1) warning. If the inappropriate behavior continues, that performer’s team will receive a score of zero (0) during that round. If the problem continues after that, the individual(s) will be banned from the Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League and the division bar, without any refund of his or her registration fee.
  7. The team with the lowest score in said round in the designated beer frame owes the team with the highest score in the same round a round of drinks.
  8. Song length is limited to a maximum of 5:20 for the speed of play, if a song reaches that point and of 5:20 for the speed of play, and is still going it will be faded out.



  1. Everyone in attendance (singer or not) will be given a Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League ballot at the beginning of each round. They will then mark their 2-3 favorite performances (depending on number of teams in the said division) in that round, and then turn them in to the Midwest Karaoke League official at the end of round. This same process will continue for all rounds.
    Team member votes will be worth one (1) point, non team member’s votes are worth two (2) points.
  2. The performance with the most marks per round will receive 100 points, second most 75 points, third most 50 points, all other teams will be award 25 points for participating.
  3. To determine the team score, all rounds will be tabulated.
  4. The winner of each round will not be announced until the end of final round.
  5. The team with the highest cumulative score for the evening will be declared that week’s winner and their scores will be added to their cumulative team score for regular season play.
  6. In the event of a tie the tying teams will then compete in a the round of bravery “all for one” with the song chosen via songs from a hat contributed to by all teams outside of the tie remaining. In the karaoke round any team member of the tying team may be chosen to represent his/her team.
  7. Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League reserves the right to discount votes when necessary to maintain scoring integrity (e.g., eliminating multiple votes for the same team from the same person).


  1. Scoring at the Semifinals, Finals and Incredi-bowl Finals will follow the same processes as scoring during the regular season with one variation.
  2. At the Semifinals, Finals and Incredi-bowl Finals, a panel of judges will also be scoring the performers. The judges’ scores will be counted as double votes.


  1. At the conclusion of Week 8, the team scores will be used to determine each team’s playoff rank and will be used to seed each team.
  2. Playoffs will last two (2) weeks. The first week will be the Semifinals and the second week will be the Finals.
  3. In the Semifinals, teams will face off head-to-head. The first place, or highest scoring, team will play the sixth place, or lowest scoring, team, the second place team will play the fifth place team, and the third place team will play the fourth place team.
  4. In the Finals, the winners of the semifinal round face-offs will compete for first, second and third places. Those teams that are defeated in the Semifinal face-offs will compete for fourth, fifth and sixth places. Final placement will be determined by the scores achieved in the semifinal and final rounds.
  5. In both the Semifinals and Finals, each team will have two (2) solo performances, one(1) Challenge performance, and one (1) group performance.
  6. During the Semifinals and Finals, performers may sing a song that had been sung during the regular season. However, if a song is performed during the Semifinals, it cannot be performed during the Finals.
  7. The team captain must submit songs in accordance to the regular season rules, as described in the Gameplay section of these rules.
  8. In the event of a tie, the team captains from each team will face-off, each with a song of their own choosing and a vote will take place.
  9. The top team(s) from each division will proceed to the Incredi-bowl Finals.


  1. If any team or team member believes another team or team member has violated a rule, the Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League team manager should inform a Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League representative of the violation before that evening’s winners are announced. Violations raised before the end of the evening will be investigated and taken into account in the scoring of that round.
  2. If a team member discovers that another team or team member has violated one of these rules after the winners are announced, the team manager has 48 hours to inform a Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League representative via email. Emailed grievances will be investigated, and, if necessary, may result in action against the offending team or team member in the following week. However, no adjustment to the previous week’s scores will be permitted as a remedy.
  3. No grievance may be filed against any Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League representative regarding scoring or the winners.

These rules may be altered or amended at any time, with or without notice, by Marlin Disc Jockeys Karaoke League staff.